3 Popular Sex Toys for Cam Girls

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Being a cam girl, I have found that there LOADS of options to choose from when it comes to sex toys to use on cam, as well as off. Of course, with there being so many options it might as well be like going to the largest Subway in the world, and that can make things confusing. So, I have created a list of my favorites (as well as everyone else’s), so that you can have an easier time of it!


The Hitachi!

The Hitachi Magic Wand is well-known around the camming industry for a reason, it is supposed to give you the strongest and the most orgasms both on and of the camera. Of course, I have personally found this to be true, which is why it is the first toy on my list. This toy comes with heavy duty motors as well as 2 vibrating massager speeds, has a separate attachment for more fun filled nights, and comes with a controller so that you can control the speed with ease.

I personally find the Hitachi Magic Wand to be a great addition to my collection. This toy is super fun, and it has given me more orgasms than any man ever has! Of course, with the toy being able to give me so many orgasms, it is easy to see why this toy is a favorite for my users to see me playing with as well!


VixSkin Dildos

These dildos are very realistic as well as being fun to use. Of course, the reason behind their fame in the camming industry is obvious, they are super realistic in videos and while streaming, making the users feel like everything is more real when they are watching you. These dildos are super soft on the outside, and strong on the inside (while being flexible), so that you don’t have to worry about them breaking or wearing down. They even warm up and retain that heat as soon as they have been inserted!

Personally, I have found these dildos to be a life saver! They not only look real to me, but they also look very real to my users. All of my users have said that these are their favorite dildos to see me using.


Icicles Glass Dildos

Sometimes you want a toy that is not so intimidating (maybe you’re new to the industry, or maybe you want your fans to think of you as younger and more innocent). That is why these dildos are such a great buy. The Icicles Glass Dildos are very girly looking and certainly not intimidating. They come in many different shapes, designs, and colors, making them super fun to shop for. Of course, they are a top pick for a reason, and that reason is simply because of how great they look on cam.

I personally have found these dildos to be great to use, as well as being a huge hit with my users. They look so girly that they certainly go along with the youthful theme I have set up for my cam show.

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