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When it comes to being a successful cam girl I have noticed that it is always good to have the best camming security and privacy tips at hand. However, not every model is lucky enough to know everything there is to know about things like that, so I have created this article in order to help other models out.


Almost every site that you can work for, meaning sites like Chaturbate and Myfreecams, will give you the option of blocking states and countries. This means that you can safely block any of the states around that you have family and friends in, or states that you might go to and don’t want people to recognize you in. With these blocking features you can do your modeling without having to worry about anything, because the areas you block will not have access to your cam show.

Be Mindful Of Other Models

If you are going to start camming with another model, make sure that they have the right areas blocked as well. I personally will only cam with girls from my area simply because they are more likely to have the same areas blocked as me. So, make sure to talk with other models ahead of time before you go diving into something that might end up in your family or friends finding your cam shows.

Sharing The Right Info

When you are camming, make sure that your model profile is full of lies, and half truths, rather than the truth. Never tell anyone your real city, state, zip code, phone number, email, social media account info, etc. However, make sure that you make up info to replace the info that you can not share. This means making a new state, city, zip code, phone number, email, and social media accounts. With all of this information someone could easily find you and that could end very badly. Remember, it’s not only about your family and friends being able to find you, it’s also about strangers being able to find you and stalk you.

Be Careful With Unknown Links

If a member shares a link with you, be careful not to use it or at least think real hard before you do. Any link that a member shares with you could be coded to steal your information, including bank accounts and addresses. I personally have a preset message that I send to members everytime they send me a link explaining why I do not open any link sent to me.

Final Thoughts

Even though being a cam girl is in general a very safe job, there are nut jobs out there who want to ruin the fun everyone else is having. This means that everyone should be careful when it comes to sharing information about themselves and setting up their profiles. So, just be sure to go back through this article and make use of the information I have shared with you, because it is very important that you do!

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