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These days women have to fight tooth and nail just make their living, simply because it is hard to make a living in a man’s world. However, there is one thing that women have always been better at when it comes to making money in comparison to men, and that is making money with their looks. Now, you may think that I am talking about having sex, but I am not. In fact, the highest paid models don’t have sex to earn their money, they instead make their money via webcam doing things like getting off with dildos and wearing sexy outfits.

As a cam girl, I have made over $500 in a single hour simply talking to guys on cam and doing nothing more than showing off my bra strap or my feet in heels. Now, that may seem impossible to you, but these guys really love the experience of being able to chat with a woman, see her, and being able to tell her what to do. It really is a thing of them wanting to be in control, and why not let them if that’s what they want if they are willing to pay for it. LiveJasmin is a camming site that I personally love, and it has helped me earn more money in a day than some people make in months.

Why LiveJasmin?

For those of you out there that are trying to make money doing nothing, this may not be the job for you. However, if you are willing to use your personality and body to win men over and take all of their money, you are in the right line of work.

LiveJasmin offers models like us the chance to work for a safe environment that is full of users that want to do nothing more than spend all of their money on hard working women. These users are very easy to please (I have even had men who wanted to pay me HIGH amounts of money doing nothing more than ignoring them), meaning that this is one of the easiest jobs that you will ever have.

Not only do you make a lot of money with your work on this site, but you also get to be your own boss. This means that you can work when you want, and set up your own goals. This means you never have to worry about asking your boss for a sick day, or lying and saying grandma died to get out of work. You can even have your vacation days whenever you want and take as long of vacations as you want.

Final Thoughts

LiveJasmin is a great site to work with. They may not have as many users as some of the higher up sites, but they are getting there. This is really a great site for you to work your way up as a model and earn your money by having fun. The best part is, is that you get to make money having orgasms while all of your other family and friends are out there breaking their backs just to make a few bucks (in comparison to the $500-$2,000/day you will be making).

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