How To Become An Bongacams Adult Webcam Model Reviews

BongaCams is a cam site that is based on tokens. Most of the members and models that are on this site are located in the EU region, meaning American models are few and far between. However, it does not matter where you are located, if you are female, male, a couple, or transgender over the age of 18 you can join this site as a model.

My Favorite Features

With the BongaCams site you will find yourself loving a lot of the features provided to models, however, there are a few that I prefer over all others. My favorite feature has to be that there is A LOT of traffic coming in, meaning that it is easier to make money.
My second favorite feature with this site is their hourly and weekly contests. These contests are not only fair, but they are also very easy for any model to win (including the average ones that are not as pretty as the others). My next favorite feature is the referral rewards. These rewards make it easy to make more money on the side. All I do is paste my referral link into my posts on Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, and my blog. I get a lot of money just from doing nothing.


As far as shows you can do go, there are a lot. You can do Free Chat shows, Voyeur Chat shows, Group Chat shows, Private Chat shows, Full Private Chat shows, and VIP shows. All of these shows are great ways to earn money. My personal favorites are the Free Chat shows and the Private Chat shows. Both of these are my biggest money earners.

The Free Chat shows will make it so that the models can feel more like they can do what they want, rather than doing EVERYTHING that the user wants them to. However, the more you do, the more tips you are going to get. Instead of downright denying a user in Free Chat, simply replace their request with one that is close to it or one that you feel is appropriate to the type of model you are trying to be. The Private Chat shows are a great way to earn more money than the Free Chat shows (sometimes), but you do have to listen to what the user wants in these shows more than you would in Free Chat. I started off with Free Chat shows and eased my way into the Private Chat shows, it is easier to do it that way.


This site pays out every week, which is great for a cam site. Most cam sites that you will find are going to payout every 2 weeks to once a month. All of the payments for this site are made every Friday and these payments are going to be for thee week before. If you have ever worked anywhere where the pay schedule was always a week behind, it kind of feels like that.

Final Thoughts

I personally love BongaCams as a cam girl. It has a lot of great features, such as referral rewards and contests, plus the atmosphere is really great. You really can make A LOT of money with their site.

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